One-of-a-kind vocal training for singers who are ready to make some noise...and make some waves


The Feeling: "I just can't hit those high notes!"
The Fact: When you sing at the upper extreme of your range, it feels thin. Tight. Weak. Maybe even a little strained? 
You may even feel like you have two different voices and don't know which one to use. 
And Another Fact: You're not alone.
And Another Other Fact: It is possible for you to love your high notes. Promise.

The Feeling: "I love to sing, but I could never do it in front of people!!!"
The Fact: 
Deep down, you kinda wanna try though, dontcha?
And Another Fact: You need opportunities, motivation, and a little (or big) push. 

The Feeling: "Voice lessons are only for people who sing classical music."
The Fact: 
Nope. You like what you like, and you're not wrong for it.
And Another Fact: It is possible to sing multiple styles well. It's called vocal cross-training, and we are ALL. ABOUT. IT.

Truth Time Part 1: Singing is supposed to be fun.
And challenging. And joyful.
A fun, joyful challenge, if you will. (We will!) 

Truth Time Part 2: You need a studio where you can sing the songs that made you love singing in the first place--and level up with some new stuff you never even dreamed of singing.
(That's right, we're gonna push ya.)



You. Are.

An. Artist.

Because here's what we believe:

And you need a voice teacher who...
...Equips you to hit those high notes. Or low notes. Or middle notes. Let's be honest, all the notes.
...You look forward to seeing so much, you draw a big heart around your lesson days in your calendar. (This is a thing! Promise!)
...Empowers you to sing the songs that made you love singing in the first place.
...Is ob.sessed. with helping you tap into your artist soul and sing in a way that is genuine and authentic to your voice and your story.


What if someone could explain to you in simple, human, non-voice teacher-y terms what's up?

What if someone could help you marry your talent to some technique and get you making the kind of music you feel in your soul?

What if you had the joy and freedom that comes with developing a consistent process for your unique voice and goals?

Can it be so???


We're Christin and Coleman, and this is
exactly what we do. 

Since 2018, we've been working togther to cultivate an innovative, student-centered approach to teaching voice.   


When you work with us, you get...

--Answers about what is up with your voice and how to get it to do what you want.

--Clarity on all those confusing voice terms you've heard thrown around.
(Soft palate, diaphragm, resonance, OH MY.)

--Freedom and skills to discover and trust your innate artistry.
YOU are in the driver's seat. We're just gonna show you how to use the stick shift. 

--Customized (vocal) cross-training. You’re unlike anyone else. Shouldn’t your voice lessons be unlike anyone else’s? We create your own vocal vernacular, based on your unique goals and needs. Mozart. Musicals. Motown. Other genres that don’t start with “m.” You know.

A pedagogical partner. We're a team, working together to discover how to get you singing with the greatest possible ease and efficiency. We don't "work on" your voice. We PLAY WITH your voice and have a blast learning together!

--Performance opportunities! Come on, now! We're not gonna help you get great so you can hide your light under a bushel! Let's get you on the stage and let you shiiiiine!

--A studio culture practically buzzing with fearless energy, creative risk-taking, and joy in the process. This is where you need to be to grow and thrive.  

So how does it work?


Voice lessons are available with Christin or Coleman (and sometimes both!) in 45 or 60-minute sessions.
Unless otherwise specified, each singer is guaranteed a consistent weekly lesson time. 

Lessons cover a wiiiiide range of topics and repertoire, depending on your unique goals, abilities, and skills. 

These can include, but are not limited to... 

...vocal technique and style in a variety of genres (classical, musical theatre, pop, etc.)
...language coaching literacy/sight singing/ear training

...audition prep (community theatre, school musicals, etc.)
...audition prep (college, grad school, YAPs, etc.)

...acting and character development lessons with BOTH of us 


We hold monthly studio classes with our Sand Dollar Music BFF Sarah, and we offer a minimum of two formal recitals per year. Plus? Sight singing parties, keyboard karaoke nights, and a whole host of other delightful goodies. 
Basically, we make a whole lot of music magic, and it's time for you to come play too. 

Aren't you ready to start singing like you KNOW you can? 

Ready to book? Let's do this! 
Wanna hang out? Find us here and here