Well hey there,
fabulous flutists and savvy singers!

(Or do you prefer diva? Or virtuoso? Because that’s cool too.)

Whatever your nomenclature, you’ve got a lot on your mind, don’t you? You’ve got a passion to create. To perform. To make great music.
To feed your soul and spark joy in others.


You’ve got big plans, big goals, big dreams?

Of course you do. 

And you’re smart. You know that, when it comes to musicianship…

...no musician succeeds alone.

...natural ability can only take you so far.

...you can’t get where you want to go

by doing what you’ve always done.

You also know that finding the right teacher

and studio culture is vitally important to your success.

Like Mulder needs Scully…

Like Buffy needs Willow…

Like Harry needs Ron…

You need a partner. 

You’re looking for...

...a teacher who gets you.

...a teacher who blends time-honored techniques with cutting-edge research and repertoire.

...a teacher who partners with you and

teaches to your unique gifts, goals, and greatness.


You’re NOT looking for…

...that same ol’, same ol’ one-size-fits-all training they taught your grandma’s grandma.

Because, as aforementioned, you’re reeeal savvy.


You know that feeling of being in the right place,
with the right people, at the right time? 

This is it.

This is where you get the confidence to create, the skills to succeed, the power to perform. This is the no-judgment, all-joy zone where you kick it into high gear and level up as a performer, musician, collaborator, and human. (Because studying music is never just about the music, is it?)


Hi. We're Christin and Sarah.

And this is Sand Dollar Music. 
artistrymeets awesome


I’ve been blessed to be on the fringes and watch as Christin and Sarah do that thing they do! Not only do they always provide a positive environment, they instill, affirm, and encourage that same attitude in their students! They build them up and guide them into growth with tools they can take home and put to work. These women are the genuine article. They truly are who they show you: loving, kind, gracious AND gifted. Thanks to both of you for loving and teaching my girl, not only how to sing and perform, but how to be a loving and kind human through your example.

--Debbie W. 

So. Are you ready? 

Let's go. 

Sarah Britton Robertson, flute

Flute lessons,
beginner to advanced

Christin Coffee Rondeau, voice

Learn to love your voice.

What we're up to...