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Music Lessons: Amplified

This studio membership model is a bit unusual,
but hey, so are we!

We introduce Sand Dollar members
to the wide world of music making
through a variety of modalities, including...

  • traditional private lessons AND group lessons in flute, piano, voice, trumpet, French horn, and mellophone

  • killer guest artists, workshops,
    and masterclasses

  • performances and parties
    (and performance parties!)

  • a team of teachers with decades of
    degrees, diligence, and dedication
    (plus access to our VAST professional networks)

  • supplemental training opportunities in theory, ear training, music history, and moooore

  • the kindest community of musicians
    you've ever encountered

The Team:
Sarah Robertson, co-founder, flute studio director
Christin Coffee Rondeau, co-founder, voice+piano studio director
Coleman Clark, voice+piano instructor, collaborative pianist extraordinaire
Bradley McCarroll, voice+beginning piano instructor
Mike Cage, voice instructor
Anthony Frazier, trumpet, French horn, and mellophone instructor


The Location:
The studio is located in a charming, colonial-style office park at
25 Iron Gate Park Drive in the heart of Centerville, Ohio.
(Equidistant from Bill's Doughnuts and Graeter's Ice Cream!)
Our cozy creative loft offers a well-appointed waiting room for parents and siblings, plus three state-of-the-art teaching studios for individual instruction.

The Training:
Students as young as five are welcome! (Though younglings will need some additional parent support for practicing and performance prep!)
Student+Parent+Teacher=Dream Team
Students typically attend a weekly private or semi-private lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes) + monthly group performance class or guest workshop. 
Each lesson package is structured around the student's unique needs, goals, and learning style. No one-size-fits-all teaching here!

Every time I come to my lesson,
I know magic is going to happen. 

--Bryn C. 

We love lessons because you make it really fun. 

You're so encouraging, and you push us to do better in a way that makes us WANT to do better. 

--Temple and Alexia W. 

The many opportunities you provide with studio classes, masterclasses, and recitals have made performing second nature for our daughter. 

--Kathleen C. 

At Sand Dollar Music, you feel like family, and it's absolutely amazing. 

--Linsey T. 

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