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Music Lessons: Amplified

This studio membership model is a bit unusual,
but hey, so are we!

We introduce Sand Dollar members
to the wide world of music making
through a variety of modalities, including...

  • traditional private lessons AND group lessons in voice, piano, flute, clarinet, sax, trumpet, French horn, violin, and percussion

  • killer guest artists, workshops,
    and masterclasses

  • performances and parties
    (and performance parties!)

  • a team of teachers with decades of
    degrees, diligence, and dedication
    (plus access to our VAST professional networks)

  • supplemental training opportunities in theory, ear training, music history, and moooore

  • the kindest community of musicians
    you've ever encountered

The Team:
Sarah Robertson, co-founder, flute studio director
Christin Coffee Rondeau, co-founder, voice+piano studio director
Coleman Clark, voice+piano instructor, collaborative pianist
Mike Cage, voice
Anthony Frazier, trumpet, French horn, and mellophone
Soraya Peront, flute, violin, piano, clarinet, sax
DeAnna Ullery, voice
Caitlin Coulson Pfeiffer, voice
Sydney Hanlon, guitar, ukulele, voice, piano, percussion
Sophie Hamm, piano
Jessica Bowling, piano


The Location:
The studio is located in a charming, colonial-style office park at
25 Iron Gate Park Drive in the heart of Centerville, Ohio.
(Equidistant from Bill's Doughnuts and Graeter's Ice Cream!)

The Training:
Students as young as five are welcome! (Though younglings will need some additional parent support for practicing and performance prep!)
Student+Parent+Teacher=Dream Team
Students typically attend a weekly private or semi-private lesson (30, 45, or 60 minutes) + monthly group performance class or guest workshop. 
Each lesson package is structured around the student's unique needs, goals, and learning style. No one-size-fits-all teaching here!

Every time I come to my lesson,
I know magic is going to happen. 

--Bryn C. 

We love lessons because you make it really fun. 

You're so encouraging, and you push us to do better in a way that makes us WANT to do better. 

--Temple and Alexia W. 

The many opportunities you provide with studio classes, masterclasses, and recitals have made performing second nature for our daughter. 

--Kathleen C. 

At Sand Dollar Music, you feel like family, and it's absolutely amazing. 

--Linsey T. 

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