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Piano: Musicianship For A Lifetime

Coleman Clark

You hear people say it all the time: "I tried piano when I was younger, but it just never clicked for me."

But what if it could click? What if I told you [in my best Morpheus voice, of course]--that it's possible to play the music you love, the way you love it? 

Hi! I'm Coleman Clark, and this kind of teaching is what I'm all about. The Sand Dollar approach helps you enjoy playing piano from the moment our conversation begins. We'll discuss your goals, then get you playing what you


In this goal-oriented dynamic, the focus is on what you want to learn, why you want to learn it, and how to get you there. 

Common goals of Sand Dollar pianists include...

...performing in recitals/open mic nights
...playing jazz, pop, rock, or worship music
...learning how to sing and play at the same time
...piano improvisation
...reading notated music
...reading chord charts/lead sheets
...hearing harmonies and identifying intervals

Like all Sand Dollar students, our pianists have the opportunity to regularly participate in studio classes, recitals, and workshops with guest clinicians.

Curious to learn more?
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This studio is amazing! If you have kids interested in music, this is the place to be. 

--Laura S. 

Coleman's adult piano class is so fun! I'm really glad I'm taking this class. 

--Teresa H.

Our whole family is loving piano lessons! They've been a real stress reliever!

--Laurel M.

This studio is FANTASTIC! So great with the kids! We've been here for several years now, and the growth in my child's performance and ability is incredible. 

--Jess H.

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