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What if...

What is "it" to you? Talent? Genius? Passion? Creativity? Skill?

What if "it" isn't something you're born with?

What if "it" is something that is cultivated over time?

What if "it" is something that grows with vulnerability and self-acceptance?

What if "it" has to experience a multitude of life experiences before "it" comes to fruition?

What if you gave "it" permission to be? To rest? To wake up? To struggle? To be content?

How would thinking of "it" as a slow, continual growth rather than a "ya either got it or ya ain't" change your....





Sometimes we need reminding that our talent, genius, passion, creativity, and skill are on the journey with us. They are growing right along with the rest of our selves. There's a lot of peace in knowing "This is where I am right now, but it's not where I'll finish."

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