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What's a Masterclass??? WHY'S a Masterclass??? WHEN'S A MASTERCLASS???

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

As Sand Dollar Voice Studio families know, we've got a super cool opportunity coming up this month--a masterclass with soprano and teaching artist Elizabeth Barry Carpenter! Five Sand Dollar Singers will be performing, and ALL Sand Dollar Singers and families are encouraged to attend!

If you're new to the concept of a masterclass, here's what to expect: It's like an open voice lesson or a voice lesson with an audience (parents, friends, and fellow studio members comprise the audience!). Each singer gets about 15 minutes. During their alloted time, the singer performs one piece, then the clinician (in this case, Elizabeth) works with them on a particular concept or skill. Topics may include things like... ...breath/vocal technique ...character development ...stage presence ...whatever else strikes the clinician's fancy! These classes provide both performers and attendees with a new way of understanding vocal concepts and ideas. They can also reaffirm that the singer is on the right track or give them new possibilities to consider. This particular masterclass will also double as a community-building event as our singers support each other and learn together! At the end of this event, Elizabeth and I will perform a handful of duets in various styles to demonstrate different techniques...and just because singing together is fun! We miiiiiight even work in a time for EVERYONE to sing together--students, parents, voice teachers, EVERYONE. (And by "miiiiight," I mean "We definitely will.") There is no cost to attend or participate in this event--it is one of the perks of being a Sand Dollar Music student. We are thrilled to make opportunities like this available as we equip and empower singers and their families to take joy in and ownership of their art. We'll kick things off on Saturday, 6/29 at 4:00PM at the Robert Dickey Pkwy Studio. Please register here so that we can get an accurate headcount! Can't wait to make music and learn together!

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